Friday, March 18, 2011

Craftsman 53555 Manual

A & M

And if one night we would go out like this ...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Name For College Festivals

still 4!

Yesterday evening, the parents are back from us. They were two days from a friend who lives near the beach, so we enjoyed a bit of sea.
The city is partly closed this weekend there will be Clipsall, the 8-cylinder race cars that run on the street circuit, beautiful, there's around a lot of people, only 2 km to do that it takes 2 days.
I continue my studies, between 13 minutes I have an appointment with my supervisor. Frankly, I read, read and try to write, but I still confused, even as the wise man would say "U", "a few ideas, but confused, so I try to light, leaf through books and articles and attend workshops (some required), which are sometimes very Pallos. I think the key point is to strike the correct balance between life as a student and worker, and then explored further study and divide it between reading, writing and seminars. The all focused on the final.
Ok, done-that ..... ahahhahahhhhhhh