Friday, February 29, 2008

Tamil Marrige Invitation Words

As the pollution?

E 'was a Thursday full of interesting news of yesterday, beginning with those involving the health to the section of Dr. Bufo (email:, who spoke with Valentina Beretta, a teacher of yoga, in which we talked about the fatigue and sleepiness that characterize the approach of primavea and how to combat them with deep breathing (see the post below that explains it!). Also discussed was the emergency pollution, by the way you know a natural remedy to detoxify the body after these days of fog? 2 teaspoons of citrate in a glass of mineral water, the first of the three main meals, for 3 weeks!
Then it's time to Retrofestiva, including a controversy and the other, along with Marina Maroncelli we took some photos that will see you soon in our blog!
the Friday morning it was open, as usual, with "On the side of children and youth", with the participation of Daniel Damele, once again we focused on a matter of record, or better, and are often exploited as news reports, unfortunately, often without respect for human suffering, as in the recent case of two brothers from Puglia.
Retrofestival to think much, with us to comment on the 58 th edition of Sanremo was Maria Giovanna Elmi who raised the issue of songs so-called "committed", we refer in particular to Tiromancino and Frake Hi Nrg but ... we do not have enough to deal with the problems of society every day between newscasts, newspapers, elections .... maybe from a song you would expect a bit 'to escape .... or at least, where it should be a Song of the complaint that is at least a nice and catchy song that stays in my head, that leaves a mark, but if it is not even that good sense? Music and ended up in the morning, but change usually our microphones master David Levi, New York, spoke of the ballet at the Teatro Lirico "Giuseppe Verdi", the tragedy of Anna Karenina on the music of Tchaikovsky, IN THE BALLET ' THEATRE Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg, to whom Peter writes in his review Busolini: "Boris Eifman touches the soul with his paintings of the great Russian composer, debilitating pervaded by a sensibility and a natural elegance, both in his songs drawn from classical texts that popular themes are made with an orchestration by Maestro David Levi really able to communicate an expressiveness Soft and elegant, strong and sensual ... "

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hindi Wedding Invitation Card Matter

Retrofestival and columns ... From radio to the web ...

And it also went the second night of Sanremo and the third round with Retrofestival on Radio Punto Zero ... a festival that this year, as regards plays, does not seem to go very well, and my opinion and Marina Maroncelli, the slow pace that fans often fall into the temptation to change channels (and, of course, given the audience, many of us have fallen), too much space between a song and another, and not too well filled ... it becomes almost a challenge to get to the end of the episode. Positiva overall assessment on the songs, many are well sung, lively personality and have also proposed young people are not evil, in this regard, for interviews and comments with music, I refer you to appointments in the afternoon with Julian Retrofestival Rebonato tick in the afternoon. Rather positive comments on the dresses, Gucci, worn by Bianca Guaccero.
course, then there is the scandal Bertè, something that would combine could wait, maybe not ... but this will deepen at the appointment in tomorrow at 11:20 with additional comments.
From tomorrow you can also find on this blog all the recipes of chef heading Lady Sweet Salty Spicy or broadcast every day at 12.15, which tells recipes, flavors and traditions from all parts of Italy, came to meet, visit their Lady Chef site by clicking on the list of links.
Do not miss tomorrow Dott.Bufo the appointment with the doctor and naturopath, every Thursday at 11:00 dispenses tips on nutrition, on the ills of the season and much more. Expect of course that you can send your requests attreverso comments on this blog, the most interesting will be read live!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's Better Anussol Or Preparation H

the radio you have always counted the seconds, the time goes fast and there must be room for everything: music, news, advertising space ... for a while and everything passes without trace ... and that's where the idea of \u200b\u200bwriting a blog about a radio program, for the opportunity to deepen, to add my comments, those who participate in the program, those who only heard or read and wants to have his say, but also to leave some trace of what has been said, a reference, a name, a recipe that has not been able to transcribe, for example. It may be a comment in an interview, a thought of a few guests, a debate emerged from the news.
Puntozerocaffè airs from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 13, on 101.10,101.500,101,300 Mhz Radio Punto Zero, if we hear from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and the Istrian coast, or streaming on the site, we alternate the run me and my colleague Merkù Andro.
begin with a flourish this week with comments at the Sanremo Festival with Marina Maroncelli curiosity with which we design, style, costume and comment on each episode until Monday, March 3, at 11am in Retrofestival and will resume in blog.
We start, therefore, with this adventure ... and welcome to everyone who can take part!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Clown Hat Smiley Face

Coordination MARGONARI Viva