Sunday, March 6, 2011

Will Lose Mucus Plug Before Miscarriage

Alberto Granado 08/08/1922 - 05/03/2011 Two hundred and twenty

The plan: drive 8000 km in four months.
method: improvisation.
Objective: To explore the Latin American continent until now known only through books.
Vehicle: the mighty, a Norton 500 falling by 39 apart.
Pilot: Alberto Granado, my Albert, Mial, a friend of generous size, 29 years, biochemical, self-proclaimed "wandering scientist."
Dream Pilot conclude the trip on his 30th birthday.
Co-pilot myself. Ernesto Guevara De La Serna, el fuser. 23 years, majoring in medicine, studies on leprosy, fan of rugby and occasionally asthmatic.
The route: first to the South, from Buenos Aires to Patagonia, Chile and then then north along the Andes, the spine of the continent, up to Machu Picchu, and from there to the leper colony in San Pablo.
Final destination: the peninsula of La Guaira, Venezuela.
things that unite us: restlessness, high ideals, and an insatiable love for travel.

This is the story of two graduates in medicine for discovering the world and decide which should improve it.
Everyone will try it his way. One
become a guerrilla. And a politician. And a man of government.
The other will open a medical school.
I would say that some have succeeded.


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