Friday, April 4, 2008

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Olympics and Tibet

This year we meet in Beijing Olympics, the Olympic symbol of peaceful competition and democracy in China where democracy is just a nice word and show the current events. We talked about in our small we Maroncelli with Marina ...

continue to combine the verve of women with current events: Olympics and Tibet

The Olympic Games are a very important international showcase and opportunity as well as an opportunity for economic growth for the host country.

becomes more important if China is committed to improving its image and establishing itself as a superpower. But somehow he is accountable for his actions in front of the West and the repression in Tibet and support for the government of Sudan responsible for the genocide in Darfur deserve, according to a movement of opinion, a strong reaction which could lead also for a boycott of the Games.

In my opinion, do not go to Beijing now makes no sense, it would be hypocritical, the IOC was wrong to award the Olympics to this country that has serious limitations in respect of individual rights, justice, democracy, freedom of worship. The Olympic Committee does not think the ideals of sport, but only to the interests, this is the real problem. We participate

twenty thousand athletes and has become a firm that manages huge numbers, so he chose the China decides that the devaluation of the dollar, has interests in Africa, Europe and worldwide.

Four months before the Games, the government China has protested arguing that the politicization of the Olympics is against the spirit of Pierre de Coubertin, however, the indignation of the Chinese nomenklatura will not prevent those of religious minorities, journalists have been harassed by the regime to make their voices heard and find the international public opinion ready to listen.

for Tibetans is a unique and unmissable to support their cause, thanks to the policy pursued by the Dalai Lama during the fifty years of exile, has supporters all over the world.

Paradoxically, the closer the starting whistle is producing an effect opposite to that waited for China each excuse to nip in the bud any initiative that will disturb their harmonious society, Tibet is part of the Chinese state and territorial integrity is not discussed.

What do you think the Chinese who live in Italy of the uprising of the Tibetans?

Just a year ago for the first time the Chinese community in Milan rebelled against the Italian authorities, then silence ...


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