Monday, March 31, 2008

Can Sinus Infection Cause Bloody Bowel Movements

Stress ... daylight saving time?

A particularly traumatic , for the awakening, this March 31!
Between Saturday and Sunday we went DST, which brings forward by one hour the clock and consequently make us wake up an hour earlier in the morning. Beyond the first traumatic day, as early as Monday it is in itself, there are people who really suffer in the end it is well to an hour of "lag" for the body!
An American study published in the journal Current Biology claims that this passage of time, the researchers deine a real change of time zone, for ualcuno is really impossible to overcome, leading to disorders such as anxiety, nervousness, excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired concentration, all stemming from the difficulty to resume a sleep-wake rgolare. and these disorders if someone brings them forward until June, when the arrival of summer edition rhythms change for everyone. While in autumn, returning to winter, the passage is less traumatic, daylight saving time is hard to face for many and is felt especially at where you go to sleep and the one where you wake up. There is even a group of people because of this, and other economic, sopsendere would even like to take this step by offering year-round daylight saving time.
What do you think? How was the transition time of day-DST?
Thursday Do not miss the appointment with the Dott.Buffo talk with him just this and how to deal with this period of transition ... wait also be presented with your questions live!


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