Friday, March 21, 2008

How Much Would An Old J. Marttiini

Happy Easter to everyone!

Best wishes for a Happy Easter to all of us who read and listen to us!

Did you know that Easter 2008 will be the "lower" never seen almost all the living? Only
have lived almost a century old so soon, it happened in 1913 and will be repeated until 2160, we are living in an Easter truly "historic". But let's look back in history, for Easter "lower" as possible (March 22) we have to go back until 1818! And if we look to the future as an Easter will be repeated until 22 March 2285 (and who knows how to celebrate this time!). On the other hand in just three years, in 2011, we have the Easter more "high" that many of us have lived, April 24, as it was in 1859 and will be just as in 2059. One of only 30 years instead of the most forward celebrate Easter on April 25, many have already experienced in 1943.

But let the numbers:
From year one thousand, throughout the second millennium, Easter fell on March 22 only nine times and will fall 5 times in the third millennium.

But how do you calculate the date of Easter?
As one Latin saying "non sequitur Marcum, nec praecedit Benedictum, inclusive dates of Easter can not because it precedes the feast of St. Benedict (March 21), it follows that of St. Mark, April 25. actually may not even coincide with March 21 and are therefore outside dates between March 22 (Easter low) and 25 April (Easter High). The Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in the year 325, decreed that Easter would fall due, since then, "the first Sunday subsequent to the first full moon of spring," so, with spring beginning March 21, if on that day there is the full moon is Saturday and then Easter will be the following Sunday, when March 21 falls on a Sunday, the moon is full and then expect the following Sunday. If the full moon is March 20 then Easter is high and can reach up to 25 April, because the full moon will be just 18 next April, and if we should wait on a Sunday and the Sunday after that is April 25.

Well now you know everything ...


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