Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Congratulations to all the fathers who read us!
proposing the Decalogue "good father" read this morning ... only to stop for a while 'to think of time dedicated to children, in the tram tram daily, always in a hurry ...

FESTIVAL OF THE POPE ', the Decalogue of the good father

A good father does not think that fear will never be a father "height" is the first point of the "Decalogue of the good father" developed by ISPI (Institute for studies on paternity leave), on the occasion of 19 March.

A good father, says the decalogue, it is willing to give up part time work and that free to be with their children, never answer "why not" (or "why is it so", or "because I say so") to justify the request for a prohibition, not cares so much about what to do "for" the children, how much of what to do "with" the children, working with the mother of his children, both in care work is in the home, but avoid the reversal of roles (in other words, does the "mother") is not ashamed to express tenderness towards children, but is also able to say "no" means "no" reasoned, firm, authoritative, always keeps his word, not ever unleashed on children (or their parents) in his nervousness, if it is to punish the children never occurs (except in exceptional circumstances) to slap, does not teach anything different from what he does. "The Decalogue - the president of the notes, Maurizio Quilici - are always reductive and even that ISPI does not purport to summarize in a few rules of engagement as complex as that of his father. However, it can be to think about. Because in a way new father can be born a son to be more peaceful. "
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