Friday, March 21, 2008

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Bullying ...

Wednesday 12 and Wednesday along with 19 Navy Maroncelli we talked about bullying, and unfortunately even today the record tells us another, a problem that concerns the world of youth and school has always been, and which finally speaks, and above all it does ....

is not only the March 8 International Women's Day that concerns us, but every day of the year!
We finally have teamed up to tackle one of the ills afflicting our society: the bullying. In an interview with Eleanor
Frescobaldi, by Flaminia Momigliano has launched a petition against the violence and indifference, with the aim of raising public awareness, we talked about the responsibilities of family and school problems and the generation "You Tube.
As a result, has lost the authority of the school symbolized by the Registry, has also reduced the value of discipline rightly
Schools must train, supervise and do not punish, it is said, and so teachers reel spurred by the needs of students and Protective parents' anxiety.
Parents are all too often the friends of their kids and families there are no barriers between the age of the great and the children, what if one side has improved emotional relationships, the other blew roles and separations essential to grow.
Adolescence is an age poised between suspended childhood and future, with the changing body and feelings in the storm, uncertain age in which we must first teach the values, especially respect towards others. We
by women and mothers we put all our forces in the field to understand and communicate with the adults of tomorrow.

Marina Maroncelli

Join in the petition by website (see link right), and above all tell us yours, if you also happened at school by parents, to be victims of any act of "bullying" from the wall around the theft of a snack .... as you did, how would you act in this way, what do you think the school should do?


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