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Breathing full

  As promised, we take the topic to puntozerocaffè Thursday, February 28 thanks to the explanation of Valentins Beretta 
yogic breathing or complete, involving both the thoracic abdominal muscles. The main abdominal muscles involved in breathing is the diaphragm (the muscle membrane dome-shaped) placed under the sternum; advantage of this breathing is to make more efficient gas exchange between oxygen (nourishment for the body) and carbon dioxide (substance rejection of the body). logical consequence of this, obtain an individual's mental and physical balance, it can resize many common ailments.
regarding the instrument of assimilation outer air, the nose, is important to emphasize the correct way of breathing: breathe again with the nose, especially during inspiration, as this is an excellent filter and humidifier.
cleaning of the nose: JALA NETI (translation: clean the nose with water), this daily practice (unless there are structural defects in the person that does not allow the smooth transition of water) is to move away from salt water one nostril to another. Salt water because the osmotic pressure dell'Acuqua used is equal to that of body fluids to avoid irritation of the nasal mucosa.
this practice of yogic breathing and complete cleaning of the nose are also very useful in case of polluted air (naturally made clear in the breathing environment pollution ...)
For more about these issues there are many books on yoga, or contact any teacher of yoga, if you already attend classes ..
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