Monday, January 31, 2011

Lorna Morgan In School


yesterday was an interesting day! Do not describe the caldazza, suffocating incredible. At about 3 I sucire, parking is about to expire, I see the leaves on the trees around me and say, "is gone, you can finally breath." I go out and a gust of air hits me right in the oven, like when you open the house to check the pizza. Only that the pizza was me!
I spent the day trying to organize the work of the next month, I have to prepare the materials and do the update of the Italian language course at a distance. Logically, the password should not be the wi-fi does not allow me access, the antivirus is expired, it is easier to eat out with Osama Bin Laden who meet the technician who can solve all my problems and I believe is a lunch with Mr. Laden, but said this is Tuesday and this morning with a Russian IT helpdesk (for semi-seervizio computer as I drive) I fixed the wi-fi, and we go to face the technical and Bin Laden!


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