Monday, January 31, 2011

Lorna Morgan In School


yesterday was an interesting day! Do not describe the caldazza, suffocating incredible. At about 3 I sucire, parking is about to expire, I see the leaves on the trees around me and say, "is gone, you can finally breath." I go out and a gust of air hits me right in the oven, like when you open the house to check the pizza. Only that the pizza was me!
I spent the day trying to organize the work of the next month, I have to prepare the materials and do the update of the Italian language course at a distance. Logically, the password should not be the wi-fi does not allow me access, the antivirus is expired, it is easier to eat out with Osama Bin Laden who meet the technician who can solve all my problems and I believe is a lunch with Mr. Laden, but said this is Tuesday and this morning with a Russian IT helpdesk (for semi-seervizio computer as I drive) I fixed the wi-fi, and we go to face the technical and Bin Laden!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

When Can Shampoo N Wash Body Baby


the radio is on and keeps saying "42 degrees" are two days that the time is putting in! Tomorrow will be better, with this hope in your heart to face the day!
It 'been a quiet weekend. Friday night we went to Enza, Antonangelo to bombard the brain and Alex playing the board game, I can not remember the name, which in turn will roll the dice, you need to write out a letter and the largest number of names, divided categories, starting with The letter caught. To make it more difficult to switch between English, Italian and a round one in English, sadistic!
Saturday we mounted another IKEA furniture, perhaps in order not to lose the habit and Sunday, the nothingness, it was too hot!

Sympathy Saying For Sick Family

Pan @ Devil's Ivy

flyer Ivy's right.
It says, and seem to be in 2 200.
Alexander, voice, guitar and bass drum.
Gianluca, 12 string guitar, combed and dressed like Johnny Cash as Elvis.
For the occasion, we are accompanied by an impeccable slide guitar. I
Palermo, laugh when you break a guitar string, pedal bass drum and the microphone does not work ... In an hour's concert
give it all, and their sweat is there to prove it.
Alexander is surprised when he realizes that the audience knows by heart all the lyrics. Their technical
are surprised when, at the end of the concert, I ask him a ladder. He smiles and gives me much pleasure.
Not like the noise of Vasco Brondi that he "goes over tomorrow ...
"Someone" also tries to steal the microphone picks from the auction of the "guitar cool" but the goodness of the tape and the ignition surprise in light of "the" hampers the work ... it will be next time ...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Acrostic Poem About Camel

sometimes we're so caught up that ... Australian

we forget that we are lucky! Work, family. friends and study, taken between 1000 things we do not stop to reflect on what we experience every day (at least this is true for me)! What are the real priorities? Why run? Because "we are worth" is determined by what people like? From our material objects, from the culture? Our Australian life is a selfish choice? Sometimes in the morning when I wake up still in bed (perhaps because of the noise of the electric gate and neighbors that come out) and these questions make me company, sometimes they do not leave me for hours. Well I do not think there are correct answers and that can adapt to all, just some days it's nice to stop and reflect on their luck all!
better get back to work!

Which Females Celebrities Have A Hollywood Wax

The Great Dictator

In 1940, the height of World War II, Charlie Chaplin had the courage to make a film about Hitler and the Nazis.
cost him the censorship of films, not only in Germany but also in the rest of Europe. Including England, in order to "placate" the German soil.
dislikes it unleashed in the United States, which judged the film a little too common.
But we need brave people.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black Wedding Dress Garment Bag


public holiday yesterday! Wonderful, wonderful day and we did not miss anything done! Wake up at 10 (incredibly, the undersigned, who boasts of never slept, he slept like a log! And I thought it was 9), breakfast out, afternoon with Horatio, our super-cop and friend home and then relax!
Today we take, but with a break halfway through the week to fly away is a myth! Should always be so!
are awaiting more information from the university, the hope is that the documents (the word could not be more appropriate) to be good and that we can proceed to the next stage, I'm working unofficially. The risk is real in the sense that if you do not finalize my project I have worked for nothing, but I'm optimistic!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bedwetter Go Sleepover

Pic of the day

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Does Dry Oatmeal Go Bad