Monday, March 31, 2008

Can Sinus Infection Cause Bloody Bowel Movements

Stress ... daylight saving time?

A particularly traumatic , for the awakening, this March 31!
Between Saturday and Sunday we went DST, which brings forward by one hour the clock and consequently make us wake up an hour earlier in the morning. Beyond the first traumatic day, as early as Monday it is in itself, there are people who really suffer in the end it is well to an hour of "lag" for the body!
An American study published in the journal Current Biology claims that this passage of time, the researchers deine a real change of time zone, for ualcuno is really impossible to overcome, leading to disorders such as anxiety, nervousness, excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired concentration, all stemming from the difficulty to resume a sleep-wake rgolare. and these disorders if someone brings them forward until June, when the arrival of summer edition rhythms change for everyone. While in autumn, returning to winter, the passage is less traumatic, daylight saving time is hard to face for many and is felt especially at where you go to sleep and the one where you wake up. There is even a group of people because of this, and other economic, sopsendere would even like to take this step by offering year-round daylight saving time.
What do you think? How was the transition time of day-DST?
Thursday Do not miss the appointment with the Dott.Buffo talk with him just this and how to deal with this period of transition ... wait also be presented with your questions live!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Back to work ... with sweetness!

After the Easter holidays we come back, alas, to work ... thanks to our Ladychef and their recipes start at least with sweetness ...

Raspberry Cheesecake is

For 8 persons:
300 grams of ricotta
300 grams of raspberries
1 tablespoon of lemon juice lemon
100 grams of sugar
130 grams of butter
260 grams of flour
1 dl milk
a glass of cognac

In a workstation is a work the flour with the butter, 20 grams of sugar, salt, cognac, we form a dough that will put in a bowl in the refrigerator and bring to 30 minutes. At this point we raspberries, we wash them, dry them in a cloth or paper and then put them in a pan with lemon juice and 60 grams of sugar, cicuniamo high heat for 10 minutes. We work now in a bowl the ricotta with milk and remaining sugar. Now take the dough and roll out with rolling pin, a greased and floured cake tin and we put the pasta, cook in oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes at this point Remove the base from the oven and poured the mixture of ricotta and still cook in the oven for 10 minutes, then baked. Take raspberries, whipped them and pour them over the cake, served in slices. Recommended wine: Moscato

course we await the comments of those who have tried it!

Friday, March 21, 2008

How Many Women Shave Their Pubic Area

Union Force!

Well, we can not say ...

TRIESTINA - Brescia: 1-0


How Much Would An Old J. Marttiini

Happy Easter to everyone!

Best wishes for a Happy Easter to all of us who read and listen to us!

Did you know that Easter 2008 will be the "lower" never seen almost all the living? Only
have lived almost a century old so soon, it happened in 1913 and will be repeated until 2160, we are living in an Easter truly "historic". But let's look back in history, for Easter "lower" as possible (March 22) we have to go back until 1818! And if we look to the future as an Easter will be repeated until 22 March 2285 (and who knows how to celebrate this time!). On the other hand in just three years, in 2011, we have the Easter more "high" that many of us have lived, April 24, as it was in 1859 and will be just as in 2059. One of only 30 years instead of the most forward celebrate Easter on April 25, many have already experienced in 1943.

But let the numbers:
From year one thousand, throughout the second millennium, Easter fell on March 22 only nine times and will fall 5 times in the third millennium.

But how do you calculate the date of Easter?
As one Latin saying "non sequitur Marcum, nec praecedit Benedictum, inclusive dates of Easter can not because it precedes the feast of St. Benedict (March 21), it follows that of St. Mark, April 25. actually may not even coincide with March 21 and are therefore outside dates between March 22 (Easter low) and 25 April (Easter High). The Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in the year 325, decreed that Easter would fall due, since then, "the first Sunday subsequent to the first full moon of spring," so, with spring beginning March 21, if on that day there is the full moon is Saturday and then Easter will be the following Sunday, when March 21 falls on a Sunday, the moon is full and then expect the following Sunday. If the full moon is March 20 then Easter is high and can reach up to 25 April, because the full moon will be just 18 next April, and if we should wait on a Sunday and the Sunday after that is April 25.

Well now you know everything ...

Blank Immunization Forms

Bullying ...

Wednesday 12 and Wednesday along with 19 Navy Maroncelli we talked about bullying, and unfortunately even today the record tells us another, a problem that concerns the world of youth and school has always been, and which finally speaks, and above all it does ....

is not only the March 8 International Women's Day that concerns us, but every day of the year!
We finally have teamed up to tackle one of the ills afflicting our society: the bullying. In an interview with Eleanor
Frescobaldi, by Flaminia Momigliano has launched a petition against the violence and indifference, with the aim of raising public awareness, we talked about the responsibilities of family and school problems and the generation "You Tube.
As a result, has lost the authority of the school symbolized by the Registry, has also reduced the value of discipline rightly
Schools must train, supervise and do not punish, it is said, and so teachers reel spurred by the needs of students and Protective parents' anxiety.
Parents are all too often the friends of their kids and families there are no barriers between the age of the great and the children, what if one side has improved emotional relationships, the other blew roles and separations essential to grow.
Adolescence is an age poised between suspended childhood and future, with the changing body and feelings in the storm, uncertain age in which we must first teach the values, especially respect towards others. We
by women and mothers we put all our forces in the field to understand and communicate with the adults of tomorrow.

Marina Maroncelli

Join in the petition by website (see link right), and above all tell us yours, if you also happened at school by parents, to be victims of any act of "bullying" from the wall around the theft of a snack .... as you did, how would you act in this way, what do you think the school should do?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Volleyball Hair Ribbons For Tournament


Congratulations to all the fathers who read us!
proposing the Decalogue "good father" read this morning ... only to stop for a while 'to think of time dedicated to children, in the tram tram daily, always in a hurry ...

FESTIVAL OF THE POPE ', the Decalogue of the good father

A good father does not think that fear will never be a father "height" is the first point of the "Decalogue of the good father" developed by ISPI (Institute for studies on paternity leave), on the occasion of 19 March.

A good father, says the decalogue, it is willing to give up part time work and that free to be with their children, never answer "why not" (or "why is it so", or "because I say so") to justify the request for a prohibition, not cares so much about what to do "for" the children, how much of what to do "with" the children, working with the mother of his children, both in care work is in the home, but avoid the reversal of roles (in other words, does the "mother") is not ashamed to express tenderness towards children, but is also able to say "no" means "no" reasoned, firm, authoritative, always keeps his word, not ever unleashed on children (or their parents) in his nervousness, if it is to punish the children never occurs (except in exceptional circumstances) to slap, does not teach anything different from what he does. "The Decalogue - the president of the notes, Maurizio Quilici - are always reductive and even that ISPI does not purport to summarize in a few rules of engagement as complex as that of his father. However, it can be to think about. Because in a way new father can be born a son to be more peaceful. "
Source: Ansa

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cody En Corbin Fisher

Recipes ...

And here's the best recipe for "sweet, salty or spicy" by our Lady Chef ....

CUPS RICH zabaglione

80 g meringues
6 yolks
2.5 dl.
milk 2 oranges, 80 grams of macaroons
20 gr. dark chocolate

First we are going to melt the chocolate. Then we work the sugar in a saucepan with the egg yolks until mixture is well worked, at this point we add the Marsala. We put the saucepan in a bain marie in a fire and cook it the zabaglione, which must be thickened and swollen, warm when we add the amaretti crumbs. Peel oranges and cut into slices, meringues break (we keep from 3-4 for decoration) go at this point to prepare the dish, put in a glass a bit 'of eggnog, a bit' of meringues, two slices of orange and continue so until we run out of ingredients, decorate with meringue pieces, a slice of orange and chocolate melted.


150 g dark chocolate 300 gr.
150 grams of flour. butter

a bit '
cocoa 1 / 2 tablespoon baking

3 eggs 150 gr. sugar

First we are going to melt the chocolate in a bowl with the yolks and sugar work well, add the flour, melt the butter and add the dough, put the cocoa, add baking powder and beat the egg whites with a little 'salt and add them to the dough, take a cake, the buttered and floured, pour the mixture and bake at 150 degrees for 40 minutes. When cool decorate as desired.


400 gr. pork tenderloin
200 gr.
100 grams of prosciutto. herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, etc ...)
olive oil, salt, white wine

Clean up the thread, then we take the herbs and grind, we add the salt, pass the thread above this preparation and then wrap it in prosciutto, the tie with string. We have a pot in olive oil, the brown for 5-10 minutes, pour the white wine and bake for 15 minutes, let cool and then cut into slices and serve with the sauce, put a bit close 'fresh salad.

and do not miss the next recipe for intolerance to gluten and eggs!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bubbling In Stomach 7weeks Pregnant

Meteodipendenti? Women

A news released from the anxiety a couple of days ago says that, as usual survey, Italians are increasingly dependent on ... weather! More times a day, from different sources, now may not make more for less, even on a par with news stories and essential peek at the horoscope ... and you? Tell us what you participating in the survey Puntozerocaffè!
Radio Punto Zero ensure this need of the listeners with 4 editions of the Daily Point Weather, edited dell'Osmer FVG (to find the link in the section take a look a. ..), at 7.15, 7.45, 10.45, 16.30, 18.30.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Saturday is International Women's Day, and we of course we could not talk about it in our his Ton Ton, live every Wednesday at 11 with Marina Maroncelli ....


It is worth remembering that date and its symbolic meaning for the Women's Day. not to throw away, provided they return to being an international day that commemorates, as now, women have always been leaders in history, even if obscured or forgotten, as has been long and difficult path of conquest of their rights. And as there is above all to be done to make them effective or maintain them.

should just say to its most current interpretation of commercial origin, associated with the purchase of mimosa, chocolates and gadgets unlikely to equal the Mother's Day, Father's Day, lovers, the singles, the grandfather and grandmother, holidays "invented" on the calendar. Over the years there has been emptied of contents: March 8th is a day stimulus for the real application of democratic equality for all, without discrimination whether overt or covert.

You say it is a commercial transaction in the celebration this year of the centenary of the day, since it is even uncertain of the source data. Anyway here's a quick overview for clarity.

In 1997 the UN called on Member States to hold a day of women's rights. Also in 1977, UNESCO proclaimed March 8 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. Why that date?

Perhaps because the March 8, 1857 in New York was the first major event organized of textile workers against the inhuman working conditions, demanding more security and rights.

vain in 1908 the burning of the factory COTTON remains shrouded in legend, but in March 1911 the Triangle Shirtwaist fire COMPANY really caused the death of 140 workers, mostly Italian and Jewish, raising the status of martyrs. Still

certainly the March 8, 1917, the workers of S. Petersburg were demonstrating against war and hunger. difficult to say what the event was taken into consideration, it is a fact that has become a given of the history of women's emancipation.

more democracy and less mimosas, then?

Originally it was the yellow mimosa., National flower of Australia, was chosen to represent, and it is practically only in Italy in 1946 for the first March 8 post-war because lilies and violets in use in Europe We were rare. Thrush is in fact the official symbol of 8 March and is now back in Eastern Europe fashion in many countries except Poland, for the lack of sympathy for Russia.

the violets, the symbol of love and admiration, are historic landmark, particularly in France, since 1947 for the celebrations of the first woman Minister of Health.

celebrations on all continents: in China, no flowers, but spare time, the greatest luxury possible at present since the women on 8 March only work half a day.

So what missing women after 40 years, lost the legacy of '68? What happens in this society in which we are distracted from time to time flattered, exploited, abused, certainly not very respected?

If we think the world of work, discrimination against women as allies have moments of difficulty on the market, increased contractual flexibility, resistance to deal with changes in work organization. In fact, the discrimination comes from all those clichés in which our culture imposes fears and insecurities that are consolidated over time. And worse perceptions of women in work: about one-fifth of workers report incidents of harassment or discrimination, in particular related to part-time and returning from maternity leave. To be designated as priority services are support still very deficient, such as child care, summer camps, conventions with care facilities. What

ask the Italian?

The election campaign is entering a phase of the voters and, disillusioned by time, show curiosity and interest in the unresolved issues, most notably the female security against male violence, since it was in Italy that killed, among 25 and 40 years, more than cancer and road accidents.

expectations of commitment and effective action to address this issue, Daniela Santanche, the only female candidate for prime minister, ranks 3rd place, slightly to surprise.

Women therefore need to organize better, to make the team, because for their exams never end.

For men it is always obvious enough, it is assumed that they are in Parliament because they have the capacity, we have to suffer because politics is male-empowerment slowly progressing especially in Italy.

I remind you that the theme of the 2007/2008 national FIDAPA (ITALIAN FEDERATION OF WOMEN AFFAIRS ARTS PROFESSIONS - ITALY BPW) of which it is Councillor IN SEARCH OF A LOST VALUE ... "respect" of the person and a woman of her dignity to emphasize the profound need for any our Italian members to direct our business in a cultural debate that deepens a topic of great ethical value that seems to have disappeared or forgotten in contemporary society.

March 8 and then a symbol of the harassment but most of all a starting point for the redemption of the women who always add excitement and the heart and often put the profit into the background, giving priority to the implementation of a project or the more love and dedication to others.

Marina Maroncelli

Acrostic Poems For Camel

Breathing full

  As promised, we take the topic to puntozerocaffè Thursday, February 28 thanks to the explanation of Valentins Beretta 
yogic breathing or complete, involving both the thoracic abdominal muscles. The main abdominal muscles involved in breathing is the diaphragm (the muscle membrane dome-shaped) placed under the sternum; advantage of this breathing is to make more efficient gas exchange between oxygen (nourishment for the body) and carbon dioxide (substance rejection of the body). logical consequence of this, obtain an individual's mental and physical balance, it can resize many common ailments.
regarding the instrument of assimilation outer air, the nose, is important to emphasize the correct way of breathing: breathe again with the nose, especially during inspiration, as this is an excellent filter and humidifier.
cleaning of the nose: JALA NETI (translation: clean the nose with water), this daily practice (unless there are structural defects in the person that does not allow the smooth transition of water) is to move away from salt water one nostril to another. Salt water because the osmotic pressure dell'Acuqua used is equal to that of body fluids to avoid irritation of the nasal mucosa.
this practice of yogic breathing and complete cleaning of the nose are also very useful in case of polluted air (naturally made clear in the breathing environment pollution ...)
For more about these issues there are many books on yoga, or contact any teacher of yoga, if you already attend classes ..
For further information on the topic: