Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apothem Length In Hexagonal Prism

near ...

yesterday I get home, I had the balls turn. They are 3 months that I smashed the Zebedee for a job, I've done and finished, was to be controlled, but who should do if they have washed their hands. Now the deadline is approaching and they decided to break (normal, except that I'm working for free, here is the reason for the spinning cosmic!). I'm
down to go to Alice, and who find the door? The neighbor, tackled him, not let him speak, and dragged him in the stand (for hair), I had to open the gate to Alice. The throw a punch and I dropped 3 teeth, then cut off his earring and put it on the finger of my wife (this part has not happened, for now, is deferred).
When I saw it I understood why you have not signed, and is 1m 10cm tall, almost a smurf yeast and talking we realized that it is a kind of idiot spaccapalle. We told him that we do not make noise, with the utmost courtesy (sti cocks) we made him understand that he was wrong, now we hope that more split the so-called!


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