Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clip Art Of Mouthwash

Pigs incompetent and parasites! (Part 2) Quote of the day

February is the month of Eni. It was
last year. The
is this year.
necessary introduction: in December I go to the bank with the gas bill, the pay and ask for clearance to the account of the next.
All done, all right, kisses, hugs, Merry Christmas, etc etc ...
The other day I get the bill in February.
I open and find the newsletter to pay for it. The insoppetisce me: not to be domiciled in the bank?
not find, in two pages of the bill, a fucking line that says the bank will pay the debt.
I go to the bank, I explained what happened in December and ask him what to do with 'is blessed bill. I do not want to pay 2 times (hello else sea who came to my money) but I do not want no pay (otherwise hello sea that provide the gas).
They go into town on my account and see that the last payment is due and the application of the automatic payment has been properly inserted. Talking
in two for a while and give me the answer: two months in these two
Eni has never processed my request. The money was held last bill but it is cheerfully banged home of the future.
virtually two months these people have not even made the effort to make a "click" on a screen. That, among other things, was to benefit them, since I pay the bills I WANT TO ...

But Eni had better not pay a fucking average employee who can do his job well, rather than waste money in advertising dr bang and six-legged dog?


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