Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bart Chair Homer Back

A weekend of music

Smart Cops is a band born in a contest after police gone bad. But as you can see
not give up the "uniform".
protect and serve is their first album. All
Lyrics for 2 minutes, '77-style ...
Here you can listen to everything, and then Saturday night will be in Jordan to introduce the album, released today.
I really like going to hear, but that night they play 3 groups, and to me, frankly, just interessebbero them.
The price, € 10, I would say is honest. But since there is a
If a Saturday night there's a nice gig in Pordenone, want not there is also a Codroipo?
Three other groups will share the stage Ivy.
Appino, the Zen Circus, as soloist. As Alessandro Fiori, of Mariposa. And then the young Lavinia, to present her first album, accompanied by Stephen Pasutto of Dropkick. The one with the mouse on his head, to understand each other.
So, Pordenone or Codroipo? Deposit or Ivy?
a difficult question.
The only certainty is: Friday 11 Maximum Volume on the New Age.


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