Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Heaven Hands off Cain

Having a cold can make you do crazy things.
type you read in one day the 440 pages of "I confess" by John Grisham.
Beautiful, gripping, well written, like his early books.
Set in Texas and well focused on the death penalty.
While reading it I thought I'd live in a country that claims the right to kill people.
I think it's better to have a certainty of punishment, knowing that those who commit a crime goes to jail and stays there, rather than use the final solution, taking the life of the offender or alleged that.
explains this concept well, certainly better than me, Mr. Frank
Jesus known to the public as Frankie Hi Nrg Mc , he wrote, again in 1997, Hands off Cain for the album The Death Of Miracles .
There is no official video so it Linko a chance, but that I would like mail and text.
little to do, when one is good is good.

A voice just now called justice as the law applied for revenge "and if that is the people of God and I whistle from the gallery as the cue, because 'I am content you can not smuggle for word of the Lord.
M'iro and I fire and flames if I look around: take your breath away to a man locked in a cell is only a murder that conceals his principal in the law and complicates surrounds the crime of complicity, which dented the trigger being silent, which provides an alibi as victims, forced to kill in self-defense and used as weights on the plate for the prosecution.
But the game, I know, is rude, and you can also rub them for months, RESTAN your hands dirty, as the conscience of those who still supports you and how to erect gallows swings and then we were hanging people, as you leave them hanging rags lying in the sun, the asphyxiation in a room, or inject a substance into the heart, or make him break out a platoon ..
The grilled meat is your true religion and are looking for a black goat, the pastures in a cemetery and then sacrificed on an altar for the forgiveness of sins, but he does not have memory, because it's just another story of the dead .. .

hands down by Cain blood calls for blood and respond to his call, and then preach justice Razzoli in crime, which has sold arbiter of the life of a fellow ...

Fables tell you that since you deformed child, to be infallible because you t'illudi number, but you realize that your views on the collect at the top only when it suits them. Move your consciousness over a chessboard, you defend a white piece black queen that devours human lives in all directions while you close your eyes and open your mouth as the shark ... Burn oxygen vital for me and for you saying things that do not stand even if the impala, contradictory formulas repeat always the same since the days of Moses ...
In most believe the statement of eyes, teeth, hands and feet even, jail and life sentences are not enough, you do not like: would you like every fucking dead criminal, to hold up as an example to avoid ...
But it is still not born criminal who see the death penalty as a deterrent and often we take out an innocent man as anything, and this I call it "an accident"?
Executioner Hooded transparent live in anonymity, free from sin, the undisputed master of your mediocrity, an orphan of the doubt, head in the sand: a victim of your own anger ....

Keep Hands Off Cain: blood calls for blood and respond to his call, and then preach justice Razzoli in crime, which has sold arbiter of the life of a fellow ...


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