Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seriennummer Sound Blaster Finden

life is a game ....

and learn through play. We are not gamblers and the experience is not great, but we are in 2 and we must make our game as a trump.
The call went well yesterday, will follow a Friday and next week I will send the first draft of a written project in Singapore. Therefore I have to "turn on", turn, the brain and help me to do.
The meeting in the afternoon went even better, there are deals to be evaluated, both for me and for Alice, but they gave us a deadline absurd, this morning, and we need to think. The proposals are coveted, especially from a financial standpoint, we talk about 6 months of the project, which could be followed by others 6. But we must consider all the variables, the long-term projects we are undertaking and that would be delayed by 12 months and with all the information to make the decision. Since that time, as often happens is a tight, for now we refused and we hope we did not do a shit!


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