Sunday, February 13, 2011

Myvi Do 1 Milena Velba Grod

like a movie ....

comedy or horror I've yet to figure it out! It was like being in a movie Vanzina! Yesterday we went to Carnival in Adelaide. A great saga of the country where you can find everything that is outside Italy: pasta, Ferrari, Ducati, opera and thus far I have nothing to say the problem is a DUMB Sopranos style that roam the halls healthy and that I have to make me cringe! The truth is that I have become intolerant, I have reached the limit, for a while and pretend I can wear a beautiful mask, but when the vessel is filled with overflowing ..... sooner or later!
Well I decided to attend the Aboriginal community today, we will be in the park, drink beer, paint their faces and we'll play the didgeridoo and who gives a fuck! Someone you want to associate? As a bonus there's a free trip to Alice Springs, Jeep, which is then burned (old Aboriginal tradition)!


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