Monday, February 28, 2011

Scissors With Knife At Home Hardware

first day of school!

Alice last night made his first lesson in half an hour and it's my turn! I'm ready, excited and a bit 'agitated, with some butterfly in the stomach, more 'for the air-conditioned with emotion. I want to start trying to capture the sympathy of the students, so I took the doll of Homer Simpson, who always does his dirty picture (the tricks are part of the job!).

Cheap Eyelash Lengtheners

Green Banana!

On April 19, leaving these beautiful Air Jordan VII. This site
can pre-order, for the modest sum of 220 bucks. I've had the
there. Well for one week.
I found on Ebay, but they were too big.
I sold through our City.
The VII is also famous because when he came out as the face no other than Bugs Bunny , which of course wore the Jordan Hare ...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Long Red Spots After Brazilian

we spent the weekend in bed! Saturday we went to bed around 9:00, we woke up on Sunday at 9:00, and for us not miss anything in the afternoon we stayed another 2 hours. Alice says that obviously we needed to rest, Zek believe that we begin to suffer from narcolepsy, well personally I think it's a bit 'of both!
Today we can not claim to be tired! This evening the wife will be back 'in the chair, it will resume 'to teach Italian and tomorrow will be' my turn. This semester I will have 'a beginners class 2 nights a week. I like to work at night, although I stoned a lot, but students are more 'relaxed and we have more fun'!

Genital Warts, Length Of Outbreaks

Pic of the day

It is permissible to dream.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Xbox Wireless Controller Proprietary Hack


And finally we finished working, a bit of relaxation and then you can start the weekend.
always too short.
and offer a treat, the mash-up The Cure The Commodores VS.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Many Members Belong To A Gym

sleep that Friday!

we're almost there! Week dense, but we are not complaining, better to have to do but stay home and scratch!
do not have much to tell. These days I discovered several things: first that there is ethics in experiments, there are scholars of intercultural hospital, you're thinking of using palm oil as fuel and natural that the Chinese did not utter a word of English but the greatest number of students PHD, what a show!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Names Of College Cultural Festivals

Heaven Hands off Cain

Having a cold can make you do crazy things.
type you read in one day the 440 pages of "I confess" by John Grisham.
Beautiful, gripping, well written, like his early books.
Set in Texas and well focused on the death penalty.
While reading it I thought I'd live in a country that claims the right to kill people.
I think it's better to have a certainty of punishment, knowing that those who commit a crime goes to jail and stays there, rather than use the final solution, taking the life of the offender or alleged that.
explains this concept well, certainly better than me, Mr. Frank
Jesus known to the public as Frankie Hi Nrg Mc , he wrote, again in 1997, Hands off Cain for the album The Death Of Miracles .
There is no official video so it Linko a chance, but that I would like mail and text.
little to do, when one is good is good.

A voice just now called justice as the law applied for revenge "and if that is the people of God and I whistle from the gallery as the cue, because 'I am content you can not smuggle for word of the Lord.
M'iro and I fire and flames if I look around: take your breath away to a man locked in a cell is only a murder that conceals his principal in the law and complicates surrounds the crime of complicity, which dented the trigger being silent, which provides an alibi as victims, forced to kill in self-defense and used as weights on the plate for the prosecution.
But the game, I know, is rude, and you can also rub them for months, RESTAN your hands dirty, as the conscience of those who still supports you and how to erect gallows swings and then we were hanging people, as you leave them hanging rags lying in the sun, the asphyxiation in a room, or inject a substance into the heart, or make him break out a platoon ..
The grilled meat is your true religion and are looking for a black goat, the pastures in a cemetery and then sacrificed on an altar for the forgiveness of sins, but he does not have memory, because it's just another story of the dead .. .

hands down by Cain blood calls for blood and respond to his call, and then preach justice Razzoli in crime, which has sold arbiter of the life of a fellow ...

Fables tell you that since you deformed child, to be infallible because you t'illudi number, but you realize that your views on the collect at the top only when it suits them. Move your consciousness over a chessboard, you defend a white piece black queen that devours human lives in all directions while you close your eyes and open your mouth as the shark ... Burn oxygen vital for me and for you saying things that do not stand even if the impala, contradictory formulas repeat always the same since the days of Moses ...
In most believe the statement of eyes, teeth, hands and feet even, jail and life sentences are not enough, you do not like: would you like every fucking dead criminal, to hold up as an example to avoid ...
But it is still not born criminal who see the death penalty as a deterrent and often we take out an innocent man as anything, and this I call it "an accident"?
Executioner Hooded transparent live in anonymity, free from sin, the undisputed master of your mediocrity, an orphan of the doubt, head in the sand: a victim of your own anger ....

Keep Hands Off Cain: blood calls for blood and respond to his call, and then preach justice Razzoli in crime, which has sold arbiter of the life of a fellow ...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Park Bench Frame Plan

with his tongue out

yesterday we arrived at ten to seven that we were not more, Alice went in the house at that time, I had just turned off the computer and I was approaching the kitchen, read the papers and books were scattered around the table, performance anxiety had come to the hair (which I have and I almost are growing, but Cesare Ragazzi effect PHD) so he looks at me and says, "put away everything that we go out to eat," and let's go! ! This is why I love my wife!
Today we go again, who knows that Wednesday is a Friday, which happen to all those weeks, you'd lasted two days and instead seem to be months long. Okay, it will end better than ... I'm going to dress up, between 40 minutes early!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vexilar Fish Finder Price

... and for all boys and girls
defending a book, a real book so beautiful

shouting in the streets because they are killing the thought.

Roberto Vecchioni

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Does Silica Vitamins Thicken Your Hair


today I started my second workshop will last one week .. for me not to miss anything I decided to make a third (Yay). The hope is to learn to understand what is useful and what is not, and above all create a network of knowledge to use in emergency situations.
This week I will have little time to devote to work and study .... .... okay, it's only a matter of organization.
start again next week, new semester, another round another gift!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sample Of Church Anniversary Program Booklet

in exactly 12 minutes I will go 'to meet the Research Coordinator, which I think is the academic equivalent of the CEO of mega fantozzi .... will have' the chair in human skin and the aquarium in which swimming employees? And above all there can 'swim?

Woman Dressed With Nylons

Musically gossip

  • Radio Deejay at work this morning was wrong ... we have folded on the first useful radio: Radio Piper Fontanafredda, the radio Paul, the great bird. There are no DJ, just music. And speaking of advertising companies and shops Tiezzo, Valvasone etc. ... E 'capable of ringed gems as "Hit the Road, Jack" by Ray Charles, "Nosebleed" and "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows. When it is said to be eclectic.
  • At any time of day or night turn on Virgin Radio I run into this song. Beautiful, historical, but is beginning to be stalking ... Virgin has the advantage of passing the rock, but like all radios in the world, the 100 pieces which must pass them to you and put up 3 or 4 times a day ... too bad.
  • Rihanna, you're a beautiful girl . Every now and then also look at making music, with results as "medium" but oh well ... the only thing I ask you: "it is imperative that your bait is a new single every week?" Now, not to be bad, but they are all equal. Not only do shit in the same way but are just musically the same!
  • Afternoon Deejay we recapture the waves, so at least I have not lost Nikki and Tropical Pizza.
  • Sanremo do not watch, I do not care. But I noticed that the radio does not tend to push all the pieces in the competition at the festival as in previous years .. why? For posterity will judge. I do not watch
  • Sanremo, I do not care. However, if there were a god would win the Professor. Why Flack was a good ten spans above all others. There.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Man Dressing Without Underwear

the big meeting here we are!

were full days, and flown away! But we have a lot of things to say.
In October I proposed to do a PHD (a PhD Italian), do not laugh because you do not believe as you do not even believe us. In three weeks we have prepared: 1-the proposal (in English and referenced), 2-3-one format the documentation in the field of research, methodology, background on which I would be based, and so on. etc.. 4-3 references requested by 3 different teachers respectively in Australia, Italy and Germany. Ps the deadline coincided with the delivery of master's thesis (big ass). The project
remained frozen until Monday (in the past few months I have received the formal proposal and notification of having won a scholarship) only that there was to formalize all of the terms (other documents to be produced, translated and certified in the practice of headache).
Finally last week, Friday 11 / 2, to be precise, they told me that everything was ok! We have not even had time to celebrate because the start date was Monday. Now all my decisions revolve around working on this project.
Meanwhile Alice found herself struggling with a husband in turmoil (I can not tell you what scares me this challenge, I measure up? Be able to write in English? And if I write crap? The work, money?) And colleagues bitches.
As always we will do everything! Or as we say sperem!

Engagement Card Words

White Limo

A white limousine, a black double F on the door, Lemmy of Motorhead as a driver ...
Foo Fighters are back.
And quite heavy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can I Sell Home Made Produce From My House

The Bort appreciate

He is a fan of the brand with three stripes.
I do not die just behind but I think these are really the bomb!
Unfortunately, as often happens today, all that is really cool is just the resurfacing of existing things.
These shoes, ZX800, have existed since 1986.
Here they are in version 2011:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Myvi Do 1 Milena Velba Grod

like a movie ....

comedy or horror I've yet to figure it out! It was like being in a movie Vanzina! Yesterday we went to Carnival in Adelaide. A great saga of the country where you can find everything that is outside Italy: pasta, Ferrari, Ducati, opera and thus far I have nothing to say the problem is a DUMB Sopranos style that roam the halls healthy and that I have to make me cringe! The truth is that I have become intolerant, I have reached the limit, for a while and pretend I can wear a beautiful mask, but when the vessel is filled with overflowing ..... sooner or later!
Well I decided to attend the Aboriginal community today, we will be in the park, drink beer, paint their faces and we'll play the didgeridoo and who gives a fuck! Someone you want to associate? As a bonus there's a free trip to Alice Springs, Jeep, which is then burned (old Aboriginal tradition)!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seriennummer Sound Blaster Finden

life is a game ....

and learn through play. We are not gamblers and the experience is not great, but we are in 2 and we must make our game as a trump.
The call went well yesterday, will follow a Friday and next week I will send the first draft of a written project in Singapore. Therefore I have to "turn on", turn, the brain and help me to do.
The meeting in the afternoon went even better, there are deals to be evaluated, both for me and for Alice, but they gave us a deadline absurd, this morning, and we need to think. The proposals are coveted, especially from a financial standpoint, we talk about 6 months of the project, which could be followed by others 6. But we must consider all the variables, the long-term projects we are undertaking and that would be delayed by 12 months and with all the information to make the decision. Since that time, as often happens is a tight, for now we refused and we hope we did not do a shit!

Bushnell 4x12.40 Sportsman

Pic of the day

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anybody Used A Lime Dip On Cat Lime Sulfur Dip?


half an hour I have to do an important call, at 2:00 I have an appointment, perhaps more important still. The sensations are 2: a person who read seem serious and that she'd better cross your fingers and lower the emotional-affective filters to bring home the results. Both relate to the business aspect, I have to figure out what's cooking and especially if I'm coninvolto. A university has already fired me, but complimented for their work and justify my cut with a reduction of budget. Will also be part of the game, but the bales you run the same, so "sperem!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bart Chair Homer Back

A weekend of music

Smart Cops is a band born in a contest after police gone bad. But as you can see
not give up the "uniform".
protect and serve is their first album. All
Lyrics for 2 minutes, '77-style ...
Here you can listen to everything, and then Saturday night will be in Jordan to introduce the album, released today.
I really like going to hear, but that night they play 3 groups, and to me, frankly, just interessebbero them.
The price, € 10, I would say is honest. But since there is a
If a Saturday night there's a nice gig in Pordenone, want not there is also a Codroipo?
Three other groups will share the stage Ivy.
Appino, the Zen Circus, as soloist. As Alessandro Fiori, of Mariposa. And then the young Lavinia, to present her first album, accompanied by Stephen Pasutto of Dropkick. The one with the mouse on his head, to understand each other.
So, Pordenone or Codroipo? Deposit or Ivy?
a difficult question.
The only certainty is: Friday 11 Maximum Volume on the New Age.

Monday, February 7, 2011

How To Prepare Jolen Bleach

Pallos days!

you this when you plan things and then to external causes can not combine anything that you had set? Well, my day yesterday was that! I hate it when I rebound the other work they should do. Do you remember the infamous guides? It seems to be able to send them to print (Yay). Having said that I hoped to breathe and instead I find myself: fix sites, send e-mail coordination, etc.. etc.. It's OK, sins that are paid for 8 hours and not 30 per week.
Complaint over! Sorry for the vent!

Dust Throughout House From Pellet Stove

Rock on man! Quote of the day

continue with "commercials" ... This weblog is
Nike, see Roger Federer to face a coach a little bit special ...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sbi Format Power Of Attorney

Monday and let's go!

the weekend was very nice. We disconnected from everything, work, close nano psycho-labile (the height will be reduced to little effect on mental abilities? Berlusca, close, etc.).. Friday evening we drank a thing with Marisa, we returned to the sea!
Saturday we set to work domenstici in the morning shopping and purchase of 2 boxes of computer we connected to the television. The reason? Simple cases of the TV are behind the screen, so before you hear anything. With the new funds is a whole other life!
We bought the salt to the dishwasher, we had to go to a specialist because supermarkets do not sell it, that sucks!
Sunday we walked along the river to explore this part of town do not know well!

Itchy Brazilian Waxing

It is shame that make revolutions, but the shame is already a revolution in some way.
If an entire nation actually experiences a sense of shame is like a crouching lion ready to pounce.

Karl Marx

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Black Stainless Steel Wallet Chains

something to solve

yesterday while we were on the phone with parents ringing the phone. Guess who was? The neighbor wanted to know if we were hearing noises (Great, that laughter). We understand that it is one of the characters run away from "One Flew 'on the Cuckoo's nest", certainly not great leader, given the small.
Today in universities', I have two meetings to improve my skills (there is always a need), then strength and sperem that are fun!

Free Account For Bait Bus


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apothem Length In Hexagonal Prism

near ...

yesterday I get home, I had the balls turn. They are 3 months that I smashed the Zebedee for a job, I've done and finished, was to be controlled, but who should do if they have washed their hands. Now the deadline is approaching and they decided to break (normal, except that I'm working for free, here is the reason for the spinning cosmic!). I'm
down to go to Alice, and who find the door? The neighbor, tackled him, not let him speak, and dragged him in the stand (for hair), I had to open the gate to Alice. The throw a punch and I dropped 3 teeth, then cut off his earring and put it on the finger of my wife (this part has not happened, for now, is deferred).
When I saw it I understood why you have not signed, and is 1m 10cm tall, almost a smurf yeast and talking we realized that it is a kind of idiot spaccapalle. We told him that we do not make noise, with the utmost courtesy (sti cocks) we made him understand that he was wrong, now we hope that more split the so-called!

Clip Art Of Mouthwash

Pigs incompetent and parasites! (Part 2) Quote of the day

February is the month of Eni. It was
last year. The
is this year.
necessary introduction: in December I go to the bank with the gas bill, the pay and ask for clearance to the account of the next.
All done, all right, kisses, hugs, Merry Christmas, etc etc ...
The other day I get the bill in February.
I open and find the newsletter to pay for it. The insoppetisce me: not to be domiciled in the bank?
not find, in two pages of the bill, a fucking line that says the bank will pay the debt.
I go to the bank, I explained what happened in December and ask him what to do with 'is blessed bill. I do not want to pay 2 times (hello else sea who came to my money) but I do not want no pay (otherwise hello sea that provide the gas).
They go into town on my account and see that the last payment is due and the application of the automatic payment has been properly inserted. Talking
in two for a while and give me the answer: two months in these two
Eni has never processed my request. The money was held last bill but it is cheerfully banged home of the future.
virtually two months these people have not even made the effort to make a "click" on a screen. That, among other things, was to benefit them, since I pay the bills I WANT TO ...

But Eni had better not pay a fucking average employee who can do his job well, rather than waste money in advertising dr bang and six-legged dog?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Women Learnig To Masterbate


"neighbors" is the title of an Australian television series, now we understand why. After receiving two phone calls in the last month of complaints from our property manager, which in turn had received so much from our neighbor, yesterday I found the box of letters in a document. Our beloved neighbor has printed a copy of "building rules state" and added a note, which says that we are breaking the rules by making too much noise, if we start a civil procedure.

2-CASINO WE DO NOT! I broke, ALICE MI FA watching television with subtitles for RAISE THE VOLUME OF FEAR (ridiculous)
3-DO NOT move the furniture (SI might break down, WE REMEMBER THEM WE HAVE MOUNTED)

alice has called our property manager who spoke with the manager of the building and then the next (ultra ridiculous if we did not first knocked on the door?). The agreement is as follows: we left the cell phone numbers, if you hear noises, and hear them call us.

What a bore!

Bnatural Organic Eye Make-up

If you're not careful the media will make you hate to love the oppressed and the oppressors.

Malcolm X